LUG Mitterteich Presentation Hub

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The LUG Mitterteich Presentation Hub contains online presentations or documentations that can directly
be presented or opened within your browser. Most of them have been created using reveal.js and the source
is mostly written in Markdown.

The currently available presentations are browsable here.

The following options are available when opening a presentation (if not explicitly denied by the author):

Speaker Notes

Press the S key on your keyboard to open the notes window.
This opens a second browser window with the presentation notes (if available) and additional controls.
You can now present like a pro. The Notes window is able to control the view window - you should really try it out!

PDF Export

Presentations can be exported to PDF. This feature requires that you use a Chromium based browser.
Open your presentation with print-pdf included in the query string i.e.
If you want to include speaker notes in the PDF export, you can append showNotes=true to the query string, too:
Open the in-browser print dialog (CTRL/CMD+P).
Change the Destination setting to Save as PDF.
Change the Layout to Landscape.
Change the Margins to None.
Enable the Background graphics option.
Click Save.

Keyboard Shortcuts

N, SPACENext slide
PPrevious slide
←, HNavigate left
→, LNavigate right
↑, KNavigate up
↓, JNavigate down
Home, ⌘/CTRL ←First slide
End, ⌘/CTRL →Last slide
B, .Pause
ESC, OSlide overview
SSpeaker notes view